Cruz & Sinta: Carnival Fun

Its Cruz and Sinta’s birthday party, time for some fun:)

Cruz who’s 3yo, is a very active kid, wants to play all the time and have snacks on the side. While Sinta, who’s 1yo is a curious and happy baby:)and what better theme than a Carnival, where young and old come for some fun and play, to have some treats for the sweet, and where every corner is a new spectacle:)

Upon arriving La Vista clubhouse, Daddy Emman welcomed the team and proudly shared that his wife Dianne did all the details. Looking at the place, the theme and colors, you’ll think Mommy does this for a living. so kudos to you Mommy Dianne, for a great job!

with all thats said:)how can i not shoot this wonderful party? enjoy the photos!