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Byron & Eica

When in love, and about to take on marriage, you ask yourself ‘Is this the kind of crazy I’m willing to putView full post »

Eisen & Mela

I realized sometimes you have to experience the bad, to value what’s good In love and life, you ride through theView full post »

Carlo & Sheena

Venue : Meteora, Tagaytay | Styling : Tipping Point CollectiveView full post »

David & Belle: Cup of Coffee

It all started with a cup of coffee And we all know how it feels when you start the day with a good cup! It lifts youView full post »

Dan & Jillie

Venue : Two Gardens Tagaytay | HMUA: Rae Venturanza-SalazarView full post »

James & Lav

In a world full of chaos, there’s something that holds your ground. Love is a clear decision, it’s black andView full post »

Von & Mau

It’s always a mix of elation and thrill whenever I get to shoot two people in love set against the raw beauty thatView full post »

JR & Angel

Simple. Nothing more than the usual Some engagement sessions are just plain sweet. A day to stroll at the park, wearingView full post »

Arianne & Paul : Road trip through any season

I always hear ‘Travel more’ from anyone and anywhere. Well for this two, they’ve been doing just thatView full post »